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Custom Automatic Inspection Systems

Eutecnics systems have been applied to a wide range of automatic inspection applications. In the semiconductor industry, systems are inspecting patterned wafers and chips, metal screening and evaporation masks, multi-chip modules, ball-grid arrays, and flat panel displays. In other industries, systems have been configured for inspecting automotive glass reflectors and lenses, medical staples, three-dimensional ranging and medical probe tracking devices for support during surgery, and superconductor cable inspection. It is often possible that a custom solution is more cost effective than a modified standard system. If you have a unique inspection problem we would be pleased to evaluate your requirements and suggest various possible solutions.
es240 The ES-240 is a high resolution, automatic inspection system for semiconductor wafers, reticles, flat panel displays, and glass filters.
epd1020 The EI-100 is a high speed, in-line automatic inspection system for industrial parts, such as glass lenses, used in automotive lamps.
ei100 The PDS-1020 system is a high throughput automatic inspection system for reticles with or without pellicles.  System simultaneously inspects both sides of the reticle.