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Eutecnics is a manufacturer of high performance, flexible, automatic inspection systems for the semiconductor industry. Systems perform automatic semiconductor wafer inspection, mask inspection, and inspection of flat panel displays as well as CD measurements and overlay registration measurements. Unique to these systems is the ability to perform multiple tasks within a single inspection pass. It is possible, therefore, to perform CD measurements, inspect a pattern and measure alignment registration on one system at one time. Because of its modular architecture, the ES-240 family of inspection systems can be readily configured to meet specific custom requirements. Designed around an expandable parallel processing architecture, systems can be optimized for maximum throughput, highest inspection quality, or minimum cost to best meet customer requirements.

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The ES-240 is a high resolution, automatic inspection system for semiconductor wafers, reticles, flat panel displays, and glass filters.
The EI-100 is a high speed, in-line automatic inspection system for industrial parts, such as glass lenses, used in automotive lamps.
The PDS-1020 system is a high throughput automatic inspection system for reticles with or without pellicles.  System simultaneously inspects both sides of the reticle.